Conferences and Facilities

Bethsaida Hermitage offers the combination of state-of-the-art audio and presentation facilities, a beautiful conference hall with sea view from all around its terrace.You get all the facilities you might need to feed and house your delegates. The conference hall can fit up to 200 people comfortably and 57 rooms, all with double/twin capacity, are available. 


What better way to motivate your employees than to bring them to our beautiful Hermitage for an annual get away? This is the perfect place to combine work, motivational exercises, team building and play. People who come here have inspired ideas, heightened creativity levels, feel more relaxed, and tend to be totally refreshed by the time they leave. We are able to put on yoga classes for those interested before the day’s work starts and we love to create sumptuous meals for everyone when their working day comes to an end. It may be for small or large groups.

By choosing Bethsaida Hermitage your company would be supporting our many charity projects to which our profits are directed.  


Bethsaida Hermitage is a popular venue for seminars of all kinds. We run spiritual retreats throughout the year for a leading Psychology organization who brings groups ranging from 10 to 150 participants. We have also hosted a number of conventions for experts such as the International Association of Infant Massage convention. Again, we have all the facilities you will need to welcome your delegates fully in a beautiful, functional and natural environment.  

Board Meetings and Get Togethers

Bethsaida Hermitage is of course a great place for any kind of get together. Our conference hall can be easily converted into whatever venue you would like. We have windows running the length and width of the hall which can be opened and change in a wild and wonderfully natural atmosphere. We can equally create a banquet hall with whatever theme you wish to choose. Family parties (and especially weddings) fit well here with a spacious but communal atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Please feel free to run ideas past us so we can see if we can cater for them. For Weddings and Vow Renewals we would be happy to put a package together for your group, no matter how small or large – please contact us here for information and prices.  

Shopping and Sports

With the stress and strains of working life, why not give yourselves the working break you deserve and visit us? We are confident that we can cater for your every need whilst providing you with a functional and efficient working environment. We cater for small to medium sized groups of professionals wanting to knuckle down and, at the end of the day, feel they can go for a massage, swim in the sea or simply watching the sunset to help relax after a hard day's work.

Just a minute's walk away from the restaurant you’ll find our Arcade with a selection of shops for all your needs, including clothing, beauty parlour, an Ayurvedic pharmacy, counseling and oral care, and even our very own library and theater. Near the reception we also have a number of sports facilities including table tennis and basketball.