Our Doctors


Our doctors are all from traditional Ayurvedic families. Their rich experience with Ayurveda will help you to recover from your illnesses and break free of worries, anxieties and stress. Dr. Shayana, Dr. Shaniyaz, Dr. Pranav, Dr. Ameen, and Dr. Trincy are at your disposition. All our guests can take advantage of our doctors' services 24/7.

Dr. Shayana, whose father is also an Ayurvedic physician, studied at Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in Bangalore, before assisting her father in his clinic, where she also gained experience in the manufacture of medicines. With many of professional experience in Ayurvedic treatments, it is her goal to lead people who are physically and mentally suffering along the road to complete recovery. Her spiritual understanding and her medical experience has helped since 2009 in Bethsaida many people to recover their body and spirit.

Dr. Shaniyaz also has great experience as an Ayurvedic doctor. He received his medical degree from the Ayurveda College Vaidyaretnam in Ollur/Kerala, and is also trained in Botanic and Ayurvedic medicine. Dr Shaniyaz’s wife is also an Ayurveda Doctor. He came to Bethsaida 2009, having previously worked in hospitals and Ayurvedic resorts for seven years. His thoughtful nature and his empathy for the well being of our guests are highly appreciated. 


Dr. Trincy Ferriah received her ayurvedic degree from Amrita School of Ayurveda, Kerala and she started her career in Bethsaida Hermitage 2014 with a willingness to help people both physically and psychologically.