Yoga & meditation

If you have never done yoga or meditation, Bethsaida is the perfect place to begin a unique journey to the one existing reality - a world within yourself!

Stress is often silent, and hard to recognise, but it is damaging to our bodies and a major contributor to illness. Not only does stress linger, but stressors are cumulative and can lead to a slow breakdown in physical and emotional health. Yoga and meditation give you the skills to balance the mind, body and spirit to create an inner peace, a calmness that allows you to deal with stress without being overwhelming. Other benefits include sleeping better, having more energy and knowing how to enjoy and embrace the moment.

Regular observation of your natural breathing and sensations in the body will bring peace to the wandering mind. Only 5-10 minutes of daily meditation practice brings more inner space and harmony throughout the day and will give a feeling of joy.

Bethsaida Hermitage offers daily yoga and meditation: the morning session starts at 6.45 until 7.45 and the evening session starts at 17.00 until 18:30. Also we offer biginner's yoga lesson from 10.00 to 11.00.  Individual lessons with an instructor are available on request which costs for one special lesson 7 euro / person. From the first lesson you will feel the effectiveness of the exercises: for example, performing "Surya Namaskaram" (Sun Salutation) 6-7 times each day helps to eliminate problems with joints and the spine.

Joseph is a certified yoga instructor of the acclaimed Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Trivandrum. He received his certificate in 2005, and for the last six years he has been teaching the traditional Hatha Yoga.